Laser-Assisted Treatment (LANAP)

Inflamed or bleeding gums are among the first signs of periodontal or gum disease. Dr. Dan Gholson now offers an innovative gum disease treatment for La Crosse, WI patients. The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) is an FDA cleared alternative to traditional surgery for gum disease treatment. Using LANAP®, Dr. Gholson is able to provide gum disease treatment without the scalpels and sutures used in traditional periodontal surgery.

If you have inflamed or bleeding gums, your first step should be a thorough evaluation with an experienced periodontist. Dr. Gholson will measure the pocket depths between your teeth and gums to determine the amount of tissue and bone damage. High tech digital x-rays are used to examine the extent of bone loss. Dr. Gholson will then discuss the options available for gum disease treatment.

After receiving a local anesthetic, a pulsed laser light is used to remove diseased tissue and destroy the harmful bacteria in the periodontal pockets. Ultrasonic instruments are then used to remove the calculus (tartar) deposits and biofilm that have formed beneath the gum tissue.

The laser is then used again to stimulate the bone and gum tissue. A thin fibrin clot is formed that seals and encourages the tissue to reattach to the tooth. This creates a healthy and stable environment for the healing process to begin.

For the final step, Dr. Gholson will check your bite and correct any areas on the chewing surfaces that may be biting too hard. Your bite will be adjusted for optimal healing by reducing areas of trauma that may contribute to bone damage.

Research has shown the LANAP® protocol to have the ability to regenerate bone and tissue attachment around the teeth. Patients can expect minimal pain, fewer side effects, and a faster healing time with this gum disease treatment compared to traditional gum surgery.

If you suffer from inflamed and bleeding gums, call Dr. Gholson’s office and schedule your consultation for gum disease treatment for La Crosse, WI and find out if LANAP® is the best option for your periodontal needs.