What is LANAP

Millions of Americans suffer from periodontal (gum) disease, which begins silently and can eventually lead to the loss of teeth. Aside from tooth loss, gum disease has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and low birth weight babies. The earlier a patient recognizes the need for gum disease treatment and gets a treatment plan underway, the better the chances of retaining the teeth and supporting bone tissue. Gum recession and swollen gums are signs of periodontal disease that should not be ignored. Dr. Dan Gholson offers an innovative laser gum surgery for patients seeking gum disease treatment in Onalaska , WI.


The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®), an FDA cleared protocol, offers an alternative to traditional gum disease treatment eliminating the use of scalpels or sutures. For patients that have noticed gum recession or swollen gums, a consultation with Dr. Gholson is a good place to start.


Traditional gum disease treatment involves cutting the gums with a scalpel to access the diseased tissue then suturing the remaining healthy tissue back into place. This treatment is often uncomfortable and time consuming. Side effects of traditional treatment include gum recession, sensitivity, and spacing between the teeth.


LANAP® utilizes ground breaking technology in gum disease treatment. With the use of a laser, Dr. Gholson is able to remove diseased tissue conservatively while maintaining the healthy tissue. The laser can destroy the bacteria and help form a fibrin clot that will encourage the healthy tissue to reattach to the tooth. This minimizes the gum recession and sensitivity that patients experience after the traditional surgical procedure. Patients experience less discomfort, less bleeding, and a speedier healing time with LANAP® compared to traditional gum disease treatment.

If you have gum recession or swollen gums, schedule an appointment with Dr. Gholson for a consultation to see if LANAP® is your best option for gum disease treatment in Onalaska, WI.